My feline and aquatic friends Naar de Nederlandse versie.

To start off with, the leader of the pack: Tigger the pet panther.

Tigger. He's gorgeous. And he knows it.
Here we have Tigger, ruler of this house. He's about four years old and was homeless when I met him. He has few bad habits, except for trampling fiercely when on your lap, and many good ones. He's very friendly and extrovert.
In his spare time he enjoys birdwatching, fishwatching, playing with a cork on a string (which he will fetch if he feels it's playtime) and biting small pieces from cardboard boxes.

Monday, laundry day.


The cold tank

Here we have the inhabitants of the cold tank: two goldfish and two newts. The newts are Japanese fire bellied newts. It's a male and a female. I've had them for years. I feed them stuff like water fleas and sea monkeys. 
For this tank I made the island myself by casting a stone in silicone mass, and then making a cast in this mold using polyurethan. I left a space for some earth and plants, and glued the 'stone' to the glass.
Two newts and two goldfish


The warm tank

Fishies in my tank
A look inside the warm tank. In this tank we find Blue danio's (pic), a couple of swordbearers, a pair of Colisa Lalia's (in this pic: the female, Babette),one specimen of some species of algae eating fish, two Kuhli's and an aquatic frog (Xenopus Gilli).
Bert, Mr. Colisa Lalia.
Here we have Bert, the male Lalia. His colours are not yet as bright as they could be. Maybe at nest building season.
The pic to the right shows Ruud, the African clawed frog. We see him here spending his time in his favourite way: by hanging motionless beneath the water surface. His other favourite pastime is eating. At dinnertime he sort of morphs into a vacuum cleaner.
In this tank I only keep fish which are either too big for Ruud to eat, or too fast.
It just turned out that way.
Ruud the vacuum cleaner.

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